Why SW1PE?

SW1PE was founded to make merchant processing easier and more transparent with guaranteed low rates and excellent customer service. Our goal is to become one of the leading industry merchant processing companies that prioritizes transparency in all things business and merchant processing related.

The credit card, payment processing, and merchant processing industry is complex, and that complexity can be used against unsuspecting merchants. We believe in processing done right, with integrity and transparency.

What We Do Differently

Free Analysis of Your Current Processing

We show you what you are actually paying and the hidden fees that may be included in your statement.

Assist with PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance

This reduces the merchant’s liability for stolen information. Unfortunately, most other companies want to keep you non-compliant and try to keep (you) the merchant responsible for these charges. The liability associated with lack of compliance can be detrimental.

No Increased Pricing

Once we set you up with a price, we will not change it without your written consent, unlike other processors. We obviously are subject to interchange fee increases set by the major credit card companies;

No Hidden Fees

Next Day Funding

If approved by underwriting.

Easy Integration

On most billing software, we can easily integrate into the software without disturbing the process.

Outstanding Customer Service

Better service and responsiveness concerning machines, integration of devices, and charges.

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